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What is Included in "Connect to Awaken"


Connect DEEPLY to your intuition so that you can utilize your God-compass and never feel lost again. Discover the metaphysical language that applies uniquely to the Christian experience, and you will emerge as a metaphysical Christian. 

Law of Attraction

Connect DEEPLY to the your vibrational awareness so that you can understand the Law of Attraction as a God-given universal law. This enables you to create your own reality and manifest at a high level.


Connect to chakras and awaken your subtle energy body! Yes, chakras are for Christians, too, and you will discover how to align your chakras effortlessly. Your chakras will ALWAYS tell you the truth about your current spiritual and vibrational state!


Connect to angels and awaken your awareness! Angelic beings are always around you and ready to assist you at a moment's notice! Meet your guardian angel plus powerhouses Gabriel and Metatron.

Meet Rev. Dr. Katy