Take a deep breath and relax ... you're close to downloading your own guide to discovering your metaphysical gifts as a Christian in 3 easy steps

If you have been secretly longing to DEEPLY explore how YOU can engage in these realities, then this guide will assist you to discover your metaphysical gifts so that you can begin to live more authentically in alignment with your potential


If guilt and shame have been present in your life because you are drawn to metaphysics, then this guide will help you find peace in integrating metaphysics into your Christian faith so that you can find the inner peace that God desires for you

If you are struggling to know where  to  start (especially  as a Christian), then this guide will show you what to do FIRST so that you can take your next steps with grace and confidence

How to Discover Your Metaphysical Gifts as a Christian in 3 Easy Steps

Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine is the creator of this unique guide, guiding you gently to discovering your metaphysical gifts so that you feel joy and peace! 


Katy received her PhD in New Testament from the Graduate Theological Union and is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).