Bridge the Gap:

3 Ways to Embrace the Metaphysical Christian Life that Your Heart Desires

Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine

Empowering Christians to live their best metaphysical lives

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Sunday, September 12th | 8 am Pacific / 4 pm Irish


We will gather on Sunday, September 12th, at 8 am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern / 4 pm Irish, for about an hour. Replays will be available if you register first. In the training, I’ll also introduce a mentorship program that I have for those who qualify to get joyfully serious about their metaphysical journey. Whether or not that is for you, the Bridge the Gap training will help you get started.   


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It's tough to know where to begin to connect the dots between your metaphysical life and your faith journey.


You may be wondering what "metaphysics" even means or if it's just in your imagination. Perhaps you don't know how to find out what your gifts are or wonder if you even have any. Maybe secretly, in your heart of hearts, you’re wondering how to explore metaphysics without leaving Jesus behind. 


If you've asked any of these questions , and you're left floundering a little bit in your spirit, then it's likely that you have a big GAP.


You may have a gap of knowledge, wondering how to get started. Perhaps you have a gap of fear and you're worried about the state of your soul. It could be that you have a gap of uncertainty, not knowing how your Christian journey intersects with your metaphysical journey. Gaps are tough.


Maybe it’s time to build the bridge over that gap and start the life with metaphysics, energy, and spirit-filled goodness that you long for?


Welcome to Bridge the Gap, the training where I will show you 3 ways to build a bridge over the gap that has kept you from fully embracing the metaphysical Christian life. Despite the toxic message that metaphysics is evil, this training will show you how it is part of the spiritual universe that God created.


I'd LOVE to have you in the FREE training so that you can build your bridge.


The training will show you 3 things to help you Bridge the Gap:

  • Identify that gap that has kept you at a standstill so that you can get moving get excited about your spiritual life

  • Discover the power of your intuition and how it is created, and beloved, by God so that you can tap into your deepest inner wisdom 

  • Get clarity about your next part of  your metaphysical journey as a Jesus follower so that you know what to do next