Been Struggling to Find the Church Where you Fit In?

Finding the Perfect Church for YOU

Being a Christian called to do Metaphysical Work isn't always easy....


We get it ...maybe the church has been a place that wasn't safe. Perhaps people didn't act like the people of God. Or they didn't "get" you. Or worse, they hurled accusations at you, or even kicked you out of the church when you said the word "chakra" or "metaphysical".


You, though, still believe in Jesus and in the power of Christ in your life (otherwise, you wouldn't be here, right)?


Perhaps you actually miss this church community .... not the toxicity but the people and fellowship and shared worship. It could be that you have tiptoed into the world of searching for a church of your own, but you are worried about how you'll be received.


Maybe God has been preparing a church community for you. And maybe, just maybe, God has been preparing YOU for a church community. 


Let us get super real. I'm a Christian pastor. I was called to become ordained. And I have served in fantastic churches that would welcome you with open arms just as you are.


Now if you're thinking "hmmmm.....where is THIS church?" then keep on reading.  That's what we are here for. A lot of people just don't know where to look OR what questions to ask. 

And we wish we could just give you a list of churches that would be the best for you. But it doesn't work like that. Showing up at a bunch of different churches doesn't work either. It is time consuming and you're likely to end up at exactly the wrong church for you.


Instead, we invite you to consider finding a church with prayerfulness. And healing. And using a wise and discerning heart. 


Rev. Dr. Katy and Rev. Tami are both ordained ministers who will lead you through the process of finding the right church for you. We'll let you in on a secret -- if you lived near us, you'd be welcome at our churches.

But God is calling you to YOUR church. 

Let's find it together.


We are called to be in community together ....finding the right church for you can  

  • Make you feel at home so that you can trust the people surrounding you 
  • Give you a space to experience community so that you can have siblings in Christ to depend on 
  • Have someone who will bring you a casserole when you need it so that you don't have to cook when you're experiencing a difficult time in life 
  • Encourage you to grow your spirituality without giving up your metaphysical identity so that you can thrive in ALL areas of spirituality in your life

Sign up below to be first on the list to get information. Spaces will be limited. The exact date is TBA, but rest assured, Finding the Perfect Church for You is coming sometime soon.

Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine is an ordained minister and is an enthusiastic teacher of metaphysics to Christians. 

She is the founder of The Metaphysical Christian, author of many articles and a book or two, plus a spiritual coach who helps Christians integrate metaphysics into their faith life.


Plus, she loves the church and believes that when people gather together, they can do amazing things. Her joy is when people find the community of their dreams where they can thrive!

Rev. Tami Groves was born and raised in a small town in Northeastern Ohio and a suburb of Columbus. She is therefore a dyed-in-the-wool Ohio State University Buckeyes Football fan, loves rhubarb, knits as a spiritual practice and loves snow.


Her immediate family consists of two old dogs (Nami & Taylor), her 17 year old daughter Michelle and a lovely diverse group of people who are “adopted” family.


Tami is super sensitive and incorporates metaphysical practices into her faith life daily. She has attended many different churches in her journey, and she's pastored many as well!