3 Ways To Get Connected to Your Metaphysical Soul as a Newbie

In this training, we'll talk about how to get started with metaphysics so that you can get rid of the two steps forward, three steps back pattern! I'll also tell you about a pilot program that may interest you if you're wanting to go further in your connection to metaphysics as a Jesus follower.

with Rev. Dr.

Katy E. Valentine

Empowering Christians to live their best metaphysical lives, one chakra at a time

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Reserve 1 hour (you can't push pause once you start)

(The pilot program registration ends on March 1, so be sure to watch the training now to see if you qualify)

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Free Training


Jesus followers? and Metaphysics? Yes, please .... but so many things can present potential barriers (am I right?). Years of programming can present challenges that make our heads spin when we say "Jesus" and "chakra" in the same sentence. 

I hope you'll join my FREE training for those who are new on this journey! This is ESPECIALLY for those who have the deep longing about getting started with metaphysics but don't want to give up Jesus. (Hint: you won't have to... in fact, quite the opposite!). 

The training will be pretty casual without a lot of slides, and we'll have an honest and straightforward -- and energetically fun -- conversation. In the training, I'll give you several intuitive exercises and invitations to make absolutely sure that it is worth your time and energy. This is your soul, after all! It is my desire for you to have more clarity and 


In This Training, You Will Discover... 

  • How to overcome the initial barriers and freak outs that keep you from getting started so that you can move forward with clarity and happiness

  • The value of tapping into your intuition and getting rid of the programming (like "the heart is more deceitful than all else") so that you can have radical trust in yourself in alignment with God

  • Intuitive exercises to tap into the incredible power of the metaphysical world as an authentic expression of God's love in this crazily beautiful energetic world so that you can stop asking "can I?" and start asking "how do I?"

  • More about Katy's pilot program for those who want more detailed study (don't worry, the training will be valuable whether or not you want to participate :) )

  • More on connecting to your energetic self as the foundation for all other exploration like chakras, angels, and more