On the Mountaintop

Reclaiming the 10 Commandments

 with a Shamanic Practitioner and a Biblical Scholar 

The 10 Commandments get used as weapons in discussions of politics and morals ... and then we lose the SPIRITUALITY of them. The original meaning of the beautiful set of laws has been lost in our contemporary culture.


Wouldn't it be beautiful to explore the SPIRITUALITY of the 10 Commandments and embrace their meaning in your life today and shed the energy of using them to fit an agenda?


We think so too. When we transform this energy and embrace the life affirming energy of the 10 Commandments, we can ascend the mountain just like Moses and receive new insights.


Purchase access to  this special recording of the unique energy captured in our group session together to dive DEEP into the spiritual and historical meaning of the 10 commandments so that you can reclaim them for your own mountaintop spiritual experiences today!

  • Explore the energy of the ten commandments so that you can let them indwell in you and your authentic living

  • Discover the ten commandments from ancient times til now so that you can shift your reality and experience the timeless magic of their energy  

  • Experience a journey up Mount Sinai in meditation so that you receive your own unique message around the energy of the 10 commandments

Amy, A Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Certified in PMT Peruvian Shamanic Arts, creates Heart Centered Community by sharing Indigenous tools & wisdom to cultivate World Peace, Life Mastery, and safe places to express one’s uniqueness.

Katy is an ordained minister and holds a PhD in New Testament Studies, and she loves helping Christians connect to metaphysics, one chakra at a time! 

Watch the Replay Here! Capture the Energy No  Matter Where You Are

We will engage in shamanic arts practices, storytelling, a guided biblical study and imaginative meditation, plus more, so that you can reclaim and renew the spirit of the 10 commandments in your life today!

$10.10 (one time payment)

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