Awakening and Transformation is a comprehensive, 12 module program with personalized mentorship to help you leap into your metaphysical awareness.

By the end of the program, you will have clarity on your metaphysical gifts. When you discover your gifts, something pretty amazing happens. Your gifts will provide exactly what you need to discover your life purpose. When you can do that, you'll live each and every day with certainty about the work you're here on Earth to do.

I believe that all Christians, including you, are called to share the healing message of Jesus Christ to our divided world. This includes you!



In this program, get ready to:

  • Integrate metaphysics into your daily Christian journey so that you can experience radical peace and get excited again about your spiritual life

  • Get clarity about the joy of living metaphysically as a Jesus follower in your everyday life

  • Tap into your intuition at a deep level so that you can shift your energy easily each day

  • Let go of the limiting beliefs that don’t serve you so you can be free

  • Find a deep sense of your life purpose through metaphysics so that you can live your life out loud (and proud)

  • Intuition

    Develop your intuition so that you can thrive in your spiritual life, and discover how intuition is KEY to your success.


  • Energy Foundations

    Discover how you really DO create your own reality so that you can create a life that is in full resonance with God, that is abundant, and that serves humanity.

  • Chakras

    Discover ALL about the chakras and their role in the human body so that you can quickly heal yourself – and others – just like Jesus instructed us.

  • Angels and Spirit Team

    Connect deeply with your angels so that you can have instant access to heavenly love and guidance at any time in your life.


  • Manifestation

    It’s time to put your skills to use with deep MANIFESTING. This week you’ll learn about advanced energy techniques and about manifesting at a high level. At every manifesting adventure, we will check in to make sure you’re in alignment with the Holy Spirit.

  • Divine Feminine

    God is deeply invested in ALL aspects of our lives including our gender, sexual identity, gender identity, and more. This module invites us to explore the divine feminine, the divine masculine, and the divine androgyne and to let go of all limiting beliefs keeping us back as Jesus followers.

  • Past Lives

    Is it possible that your soul has experienced this Earthly plane again (and again and again?) Many early Christians and Jews thought so. This module explores the possibility of past lives and that you learn lessons over many lifetimes, also seeking out new joys and experiences.

  • Earth Energy

    Discover the joy of the Earth Energy! You will discover how you ARE part of the Earth, and dive deep into the joyous energy of connecting to crystals, essential oils, and the Tree of Life (ooo la la -- you'll learn more, I promise) so that you can draw from the calming and steadying Earth Energy at any time.

  • Cosmic Energy

    Dive into astrology and moon energy so that you can enhance your manifestation and truly live in your divine, joyous purpose.




  • Abundance

    Tap deeply into the abundance that you can cultivate in your own life as part of God's love for you. Experience abundance in EVERY aspect of your life (yes, including but not limited finances). Hint: when you experience abundance, you can serve yourself and others at a super high level.

  • Justice and Mission

    I love this module and you are 100% ready. You will begin to finalize your life purpose as it is expressed through Christian MISSION and formulate, with Rev. Dr. Katy, the next steps for your journey so that you can live and serve at the highest possible level as an integrated metaphysical Christian.

Awakening and Transformation is for you if: 

  • You are serious about your spiritual journey

  • You are ready for answers about metaphysics to empower your personal life

  • You have the belief that the world CAN be a better place

  • You are ready to connect metaphysics to the life and ministry of Jesus

  • You get excited about finding and deepening your sense of life purpose

Awakening and Transformation is not for you if:

  • You have been enrolled in less than one year in an additions program. Continue with your life changing journey without distraction and contact us at the end of the year! 

  • You want a "magic bullet" to fix all of life's problems without doing the inward reflection and study

  • You do not enjoy growing, learning, and discovering new connections about metaphysics, Christianity, and how they relate to your personal journey

What Graduates Have to Say about Awakening and Transformation

Meet Rev. Dr. Katy

My name is Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine, and I invite you to call me "Katy". I am an ordained minister and a New Testament scholar (Ph.D. from Graduate Theological Union). It is my joy to provide you with the BEST in metaphysics as a Christian on your journey.

Embracing metaphysics as part of my faith journey has been the BEST thing I ever did. Christ is present to us in so many ways, and discovering how to thrive as an empath and highly sensitive Christian has empowered me to live the best life ever.